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Fujifilm to establish two new health screening centers in India: Aims to expand business in emerging countries


Fujifilm will establish two new NURA health screening centers in India with a focus on cancer screening. One facility opened in Gurugram on July 21, and another is scheduled to open in Mumbai in September.

The company also opened a NURA center in Bengaluru in February last year, marking the start of its checkup service in emerging countries. The company provides cancer screening and other lifestyle disease testing services. It supports physicians' diagnoses by offering medical equipment that provides high-definition diagnostic images and AI technologies for image diagnostic support. The addition of these two new locations means it will have a total of three facilities. Fujifilm plans to continue to increase these numbers, expanding its health screening (medical checkup) service business for emerging countries.

The five-year survival rate for cancer patients is about 30% in India, compared to about 70% in Japan. One reason cited for this difference is that cancer and other health screening services are not as widespread in India, and there is little early detection and treatment of cancer.

The NURA center in Bengaluru provides high-quality Japanese-style health screening services to nearby residents, companies, and medical facility personnel using a variety of Fujifilm's medical equipment, such as CT and mammography, along with a medical IT system that uses AI technologies to assist doctors in diagnosis. Patients can undergo a complete examination in about two hours. This quick turnaround, plus the convenience of having results explained by a doctor on the spot after the screening, has made this service popular among people aged 20 to 80. In addition to Bengaluru, Fujifilm will establish a new NURA center in Gurugram. The city is located near the capital of Delhi and is experiencing rapid economic growth. Another will be established in Mumbai, India's largest city and commercial center.

Based on the knowledge gained through the existing location, the new locations will provide even higher-quality and smoother medical checkup services. For example, examinees will be able to check their results anytime via smartphone, and a system for reducing the waiting time for each examination will also be introduced by managing each patient's progress with a QR code wristband.

The company's health screening service business in India has received high praise for contributing to solving social issues in emerging countries using digital technologies. It was also selected as a Supply Chain Resilience Projects in the Indo-Pacific Region initiative promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The company plans to build a data linkage infrastructure using the project's blockchain technology to verify a system for analyzing health screening data obtained at the three NURA sites in India using AI technologies. This data will then be used to provide feedback to patients.

This article has been translated by JST with permission from The Science News Ltd.( Unauthorized reproduction of the article and photographs is prohibited.

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