RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML based data format that allows users to access website summaries and article headlines.

Links to the latest articles are distributed on Science Japan via RSS. Through using an RSS tool, or browser with RSS functionality, you can get quick access to our recently updated articles. (RSS 2.0 compliant)

RSS terms of service

Please ensure that all use of our RSS complies with the following terms and conditions.

1. All usage of our RSS feed is for personal use, and the following actions are strictly prohibited:

  1. Displaying misleading or incorrect information related to the RSS source.
  2. Modification to or editing of contents of the RSS feed.
  3. Replication of all, or a part of published articles, images and other content, or the RSS feed.
  4. Redistribution or republication of the RSS source using a program or related software.
  5. Use on a commercial site or for commercial purposes.

2. For any inquiries regarding use of our RSS by corporations or commercial organizations please refer to the following link.

3. In the following cases, JST may limit, suspend or terminate use of our RSS feed at our discretion.

  1. Use of our RSS on any site that may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances, or is related to criminal activities.
  2. Use that may infringe on the copyright of JST or any third party.
  3. Use that may damage JST's credibility or business activities.
  4. Any other use, such as those that do not meet the purposes of Science Japan

4. JST is unable to respond to any inquiries regarding to RSS function, usage or other technical issues related to software provided by third parties such as RSS feed reader applications.

5. Use of our RSS is strictly at your own direction. In the unlikely event of damage or trouble caused by its use to the user or a third party, JST will not be held responsible.

6. The timing of publication of articles will not always match the timing of RSS updates.

7. Distribution of our RSS may be suspended or halt without prior notice.

8. The terms of service and content of the Science Japan RSS feed may be changed at any time by JST without notice.

9. For other uses of the Science Japan website, please check the site policy located on our website.