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Hitachi collaborates with partner companies and universities in China for low‐carbon technology R&D, green development league


During the 16th Japan‐China Energy Conservation and Environment Forum, held online between Beijing and Tokyo on February 11, Hitachi, Ltd., and Hitachi (China) Ltd. announced their partnership with the Green Development League of National Economic & Technological Development Zones, as well as with enterprises and universities, to collaborate on various initiatives related to green buildings, clean energy, digital transformation, and mobility research.

As part of the collaboration efforts, Hitachi (China) and Johnson Controls‐Hitachi Air Conditioning (Shanghai) have signed a memorandum of understanding with the League. The strategic partnership aims to jointly promote the development of green and low‐carbon technologies for development zones in China.

The technological capabilities of Hitachi and Johnson Controls‐Hitachi will be combined with the League's resource platform and network of national economic and technological development zones, provincial economic development zones, and international cooperation parks (industrial parks). It is hoped to promote carbon neutrality in China's development zones across green buildings, clean energy, and digital transformation.

In the second of the collaborations, Hitachi (China) and Jinan High‐tech Holding Group Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding on international cooperation for the research, development, and implementation of green and low‐carbon core technologies in high‐tech industrial zones.

Both parties will leverage their strengths and resources to concentrate on crucial green, low‐carbon, and sustainable development technologies. They aim to develop technologies in critical areas, such as alternative clean energy, regional carbon monitoring, circular economies, virtual power plants, low‐carbon and energy conservation, and low‐carbon incentive programs.

To accelerate the implementation and execution of green and low‐carbon sustainable development projects, the collaboration will promote the deployment of demonstrations of R&D results. It will also jointly promote international cooperation in green and low‐carbon technologies, equipment, services, and infrastructure. Furthermore, the groups will work together toward developing international markets for related technologies and products.

As a third collaboration effort, Hitachi (China) and Tsinghua University have entered into a joint research agreement on Intelligent Connected Vehicles (ICVs) and related technologies for green mobility. ICVs use artificial intelligence and advanced communication technologies for safe and efficient automated driving. The joint research agreement will focus on integrating vehicle and infrastructure sensor data in the cloud, vehicle control, traffic prediction, and risk analysis. The aim is to develop and promote greener, smarter, and more connected mobility solutions.

China is a crucial market for Hitachi Group, with 136 group companies and around 51,000 employees (as of March 31, 2022).

Hitachi Group's sales revenue in China in fiscal 2021 reached 1,331.6 billion yen, accounting for approximately 13% of the Hitachi Group's total sales revenue. Hitachi Group remains committed to its social innovation business in China, aiming to address various social issues.

For more information, visit Hitachi (China) 's website at

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