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ROIDZ TECH unveils three-wheeled electric mobility vehicle with customizable design and maximum speed of 40 km/h for enjoyable travel on public roads


ROIDZ TECH (Representative Director: Anri Sugihara) unveiled Raptor, a three-wheeled platform electric mobility vehicle, at Chiba Institute of Technology's Tokyo Skytree Town (R) Campus (Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo) on April 3. It is made up of a base unit for the main body and a design unit for the upper part. By replacing the upper part, the shape and functions can be customized to suit user needs and preferences. The company plans to sell the product to the general public after six months to a year of improvement and hopes to provide "the joy of transportation" that transcends generations, from the young to the elderly.

Anri Sugihara, President and CEO of ROIDZ TECH (left) riding a Raptor with combined base and design unit, and Takayuki Furuta, General Manager of Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Technology Center.

ROIDZ TECH was jointly founded in 2022 by RDS President and CEO Sugihara and Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo) General Manager Takayuki Furuta. By combining RDS's manufacturing expertise with fuRo's AI and robotics technologies, the company aims to bring the mobility and robots of the future to the world, facilitating the mobility of all people, including older adults, and revitalizing society and the economy. The Raptor has a three-wheeled structure with two front wheels and one back wheel to increase stability and achieve both "riding pleasure" and "stable running." Even people who are not good at riding bicycles can ride it. It was designed by Tetsuya Konishi (product designer).

Furuta said, "We want to make it possible for people of all ages to ride the Raptor. (We want to make) the Raptor not something that people feel they have to ride but something that they're excited about, something cool that they'd love to ride. And we want them to use the Raptor for all kinds of purposes."

The base unit, which manages the running functions, is equipped with a connection unit developed by the company. It uses a single lever for connection and integration with the design unit while ensuring safety. The vehicle is equipped with a "leaning function" that tilts its body to enable smooth slalom turns and tight turning performance while riding. It is assumed that creators, service providers, and companies other than ROIDZ will develop their own original design unit and newly enter the related business. For the time being, ROIDZ TECH will develop standard units and supervise the units developed by the newly entered companies, including conducting safety checks.

The Raptor's speed is 0−40 km/h (speed limits can be set), range is 40 kilometers and charging time is 7 hours (both figures depending on battery capacity and load conditions). The battery voltage is 48V. A motorized bicycle license is required for operation. An application to permit riding on public roads is planned and helmets will be mandatory. The specifications are 1190 mm in length, 510 mm in width, and 880 mm in height with the design unit and base unit combined. It weighs 54 kg (including battery).

Raptor base unit.

Although not included in the model shown here, the front of the design unit of the sales model will be equipped with safety features that employ AI intelligent technology, including sensors and cameras as well as automatic speed limit. Autopilot is expected to be equipped as well in the future. Prices will vary depending on the design unit, but the company is aiming for a price similar to that of a light automobile.

This article has been translated by JST with permission from The Science News Ltd. ( Unauthorized reproduction of the article and photographs is prohibited.

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