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1. Responding to inquiries and comments

  • JST does not respond to individual comments directed to JST official accounts. We also do not accept direct messages, so you can use the inquiry form on this website for inquiries.
  • Comments that are unrelated to the contents of the post or fall under 3. Prohibitions can be fully or partially hidden, deleted, or rejected without any prior notice to the party who posted the comment.
  • JST official accounts do not follow any followers.
  • Use of JST accounts can be suspended or cancelled without prior notice.

2. Disclaimer

  • While every effort has been undertaken to ensure the accuracy of the information published on JST's accounts, JST shall bear no responsibility for any of the actions performed by users using information obtained through these accounts.
  • JST shall bear no responsibility for the comments, etc., posted by users.
  • JST shall bear no responsibility for any trouble or conflict between users or between users and third parties in connection with these accounts.

3. Prohibitions:

Please refrain from the following regarding this account.

  • Actions that infringe upon public order and morals.
  • Actions that promote criminal behavior.
  • Libelous actions that defame the reputation of or discredit particular individuals, companies, or groups.
  • Actions that identify, reveal, or disclose the personal information of others without their permission or infringe on their privacy in other ways.
  • Actions which infringe upon the intellectual property rights of JST or any other third party, including copyrights, trademark rights, and portrait rights.
  • Commercial activities, including advertising and announcements, or political or religious activities.
  • Posting false content or content that significantly differs from fact.
  • Actions that promote discrimination based on race, thoughts, or creeds, etc.
  • Constant posting of the same or similar content by an individual user.
  • Impersonating other users or third parties, etc.
  • Partially or completely modifying content posted by the JST account.
  • Any other actions deemed to be unacceptable by JST.

4. Copyrights

The copyright of content (text, images, video, sound, etc.) posted by JST's accounts belongs to either JST itself or other third parties and is protected by copyright laws and other relevant treaties and laws. You can use content posted by the copyright holder, JST, without its express permission, as long as this usage is for education, news reporting, or research purposes and falls within the scope of copyright laws. Please ensure that you credit JST when using copyrighted content in this manner. You can also share this content through functions (embedded links, etc.) built into social media networks as long as this usage falls under the terms of usage for these networks. In this case, the above also applies.

Credits should clearly contain the source (JST), the name of the content, the URL, date issued or published (or date viewed if this is unclear), etc.

Example of credit:
"Source: Science Japan (JST) X, January 1, 2021" "Copyright 2021 JST"
"© 2021 JST"