THE MAKING (319) How Non-Woven Masks are Made

THE MAKING follows the process of fabricating everyday products from raw materials. No.319 illustrates the creation of non-woven masks.

Non-woven masks use melt-blown non-woven fabric charged with static electricity to absorb fine particles and prevent their inhalation through the nose and mouth. A nose wire is inserted into the part that is in contact with nose, and pleats (folds) are formed during lamination. Elastic ear loops are then attached to loop around the ears. The process of creating individually packaged products is outlined in the video below:

Playing time: 14 min. Year of production: 2022

Performers/cooperating organizations:
KOC Co., Ltd. (Shooting location: Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Original video was produced by the Science Portal.


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