THE MAKING (321) How Retreaded Tires are Made

THE MAKING follows the process of fabricating everyday products from raw materials. No.321 illustrates the creation of retreaded tires.

Some of the tires that are used on trucks and other vehicles are recycled and reused for the purpose of preserving the environment. Worn tires received at the factory are inspected by a specialized inspector. Those that are deemed recyclable have their treads (grooves) shaved, and new tread rubber is applied. The process of renewing the surface of tires is outlined in the video below:

Playing time: 14 min. Year of production: 2022

Performers/cooperating organizations:
Bridgestone Tire Service East Japan Co., Ltd. (Shooting location: Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture)
Bridgestone BRM Co., Ltd. (Shooting location: Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture)

Original video was produced by the Science Portal.


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