THE MAKING (325) How Trucks are Made

THE MAKING follows the process of fabricating everyday products from raw materials. No.325 shows how trucks are made.

The power pack is a part that integrates the truck's power components. It combines the engine, or the power source of the truck, and the transmission (gearbox), which effectively transmits power to the tires. The cabin, where people ride, is made of pressed and welded steel plates, to which a windshield and other parts are attached. These components—together with axles, tires, and other parts—are attached to the chassis, which is the frame of the vehicle, to make the truck. Recently, electric trucks have been developed that use electric components and batteries instead of engines and gasoline.

Video length: 14 minutes. Year of Production: 2022

Performers and cooperating organizations:
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (Shooting location: Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture)

Original video was produced by the Science Portal.


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