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Center of Innovation (COI) Program Vision 1: Living a healthy life through 'Unobstructive Sensing'

With the keywords of ‘Measure,’ ‘Recognize’ and ‘Actuate,’ the ‘Center of Innovation for creation of a society with self-help and mutual-assistance through daily unobstructive sensing and health monitoring’ established by Tohoku University aims to realize a society where people can live healthy lives and are motivated every day when they get older. The center showed a sure way to achieve a sustainable society where ‘self-help’ and ‘mutual-assistance’ can coexist, through implementing various sensors in society under academia-industrial-governmental collaborations. ”Self-help” indicates that people understand their health condition and accurately improve their lifestyle, whereas “mutual-assistance” means that people are appropriately cared for by their families and members of the community.

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Center of Innovation (COI) Program Vision 2: Visualizing 'Kansei' to create a happy society

Hiroshima University’s ‘Center of KANSEI Innovation Nurturing Mental Welfare’ pursued research focusing on ‘Kansei’ (emotions) such as ‘exciting’ and ‘moving,’ which could only be expressed subjectively to date. The center successfully visualized Kansei for the first time in the world by scientifically approaching it from the viewpoint of brain science. Their achievement will be gradually used in various fields, including health management and product development by companies. The center aims to contribute to the realization of a society that a society that is not only rich in tangible material wealth, but also rich in spirit.

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Center of Innovation (COI) Program Vision 3: New manufacturing using digital fabrication technology

The ‘Center of Kansei-Oriented Digital Fabrication’ of Keio University aims to shift society from conventional mass-production/mass-consumption to individual one-off production, effectively utilizing digital fabrication technology. In order to offer the optimum product best suited to individual preferences and requirements, the Center has been working to realize new designs and manufacturing methods.

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