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Series of Special Interviews: International Brain Circulation and Japan's efforts to promote it

The strategic importance of STI is growing in today's society, and countries are competing to achieve excellence in this field. Innovation is facilitated in an environment where diverse human resources interact, collaborate, and compete. In fact, it is known that there is a correlation between research power and international brain circulation.

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Japan's patent revenue is "in a severe situation" — Issues regarding people, goods and imitation of the United States model: An interview with Kiichi Kubota, the president of KSP, Inc. and founder of PeptiDream Inc.

Creating a venture development environment tailored for Japan is important and should take precedence over dreaming of a Silicon Valley or Kendall Square equivalent.

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Ice cores are climate time capsules — Aiming to shed light on the million years of the Earth's history

My interest in the Earth and the natural environment began with a comic book I read in my elementary school library, The Miracle Planet.

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Stressing Japan's capabilities in academic research and advocating for the development of younger talent: An interview with JSPS President Tsuyoshi Sugino

Japan's position in the world university rankings and publication indices point to a decline in the country's research performance.

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COP28 agrees to "transition away from fossil fuels" and calls on all countries to share the sense of crisis and agree to further emissions reductions

The summer of 2023 was announced as the "hottest summer on record," with abnormal weather conditions believed to be the result of global warming becoming more frequent around the world, causing damage from heat waves, droughts, torrential rains, and other events.

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