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The Asia-Pacific Research Center (APRC) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) has decided to conduct this "Science Japan User Survey" to learn more about the usage status and requirements of users of the portal site, and to help ensure effective and efficient site management. We would like to ask for your cooperation in this survey.

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The century-long mystery of plant sexuality: Solving the problem and applying it to agriculture

Sexual systems in plants have evolved from bisexual flowers in which stamens and pistils coexist, to separate female and male plants. However, cultivated persimmons produce both male and female flowers on a single tree, and in rare cases, it is known that male flowers can be ancestral to bisexual flowers.

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How Can We Make It Happen? A Bright and Affluent Zero-Emission Society Part 6: The different energy storage technologies under development

This is the sixth installment in a series of stories in which Yutaka Minakawa, a young employee of a trading company, reads and analyzes proposal papers by the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS). In the last installment, Minagawa learned about pumped-storage power generation as a technology for storing energy that is indispensable to the creation of an electric power structure for 2050. In this installment, he asked LCS Deputy Director-General Noboru Taniguchi and LCS researcher Junichiro Otomo about the current technologies related to storage batteries and hydrogen, which, together with pumped storage hydropower, are vital to decarbonization through renewable energy, and about their future prospects.

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JREC-IN is an information portal site that supports career development and skill building for researchers, research assistants, technicians and other research-related human resources. You can search for specific keyword-related postings using the search box below.

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The 10 latest Japanese research-related job postings from JREC-IN Portal are listed below. Follow the attached links for more information on each post.

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